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Children’s Fishing Party Programme

A fishing party is great fun for children and adults alike it’s relatively inexpensive and it’s a simple and very different option for a party.

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Before we get going

jUNIOR fISHING cOMPETITION At the beginning of the event, whilst the children are letting off steam in the play area, we will give a quick lesson to the adult supervisors on the very basics. (See what the adult supervisors need to know below). Then each child will be handed a fishing pole, complete with line float and hook, a landing net and a box of bait.

It’s the adult supervisor’s responsibility to assist and keep watch.  We will be around to help out if things start getting difficult. So you don’t need to worry too much, just scream if you need help. After about an hour, bring the fishing poles back so we can check them ready for the next party. Then it’s off to the cafe or garden if the weather is nice for the meal.

We can accommodate most dietary requirements, so simply discuss this with the cafe staff in advance. Generally the meal will be chicken nuggets, sausage or fish fingers and chips. If you bring a cake, we can provide you with plates and cutlery.

Getting the Best from the Party

The objective is for all the children to have fun and catching a fish is what it’s all about. Children being children love to run around and make loads of noise and that’s not the best thing when you are trying to tempt a wary fish.  So we recommend that for every 4 children there is one adult supervisor. They don’t need to have ever fished before, as prior to the session we will give them a lesson in the basics and we will be at hand to help out when you get into trouble.

What the adult supervisors need to know

32Children will all want to sit together. That’s O.K but when they do there is a tendency for them to get their lines tangled. Not only do they cost £ 3.00 each to replace, they will lose valuable fishing time. So please try and space the children apart.

Children also tend to splash the water with the poles and nets provided and if they are allowed to do this, they will frighten the fish away. We will show you how to find the depth of the water and set the float to the correct depth. Once you have done this it’s better to stay fishing in the same place as if you move you may need to go through this procedure again, as the lake is not of a consistent depth.

14It’s always better to stay put, be patient and wait for the fish to come to you. You will do this by constantly feeding the same spot where you checked the depth. All it takes is about 6 maggots thrown around the float every minute. When the float goes under, you need to strike and this should be a gentle action, just enough to put the hook into the fishes mouth. If you pull too hard at anytime you are more likely to damage the fish and the fish will get away.

Simply lead the fish into the landing net and gently use the net to lift it from the water.

To remove the hook. Hold the fish in the landing net as otherwise if it wriggles out of your hands , it could be hurt if it falls to the ground. Simply push the hook point backwards and never ever pull the hook. ( don’t worry we will be about so if you are not sure just yell for help, as we would much prefer to unhook the fish for you than to see it hurt or damaged ). Then for a quick photograph and back into the water as soon as possible.

Health and Safety

This is mostly common sense, but please take time out to read our Health & Safety documentation that is available online or in the cafe entrance area. You never know what you may learn!!


  • Pole hire:  (for one hour) £ 5.00 per pole.
  • Bait: 1 pint of Maggots  £ 3.00. ( enough for 6 fishing ) allow.  £ 0.50p per person.
  • Broken or tangled lines:   ( normally 1 for every 4 poles hired ) £3.00 each.
  • Food in the cafe: Nuggets, Sausages or Fingers with chips. £5.00 each.